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Announcement – The European Young People’s Conference 2011

We are pleased to announce the 17th European Young People’s Conference in Poland. The conference will take place in Małe Ciche, as in previous years, and will last for six days, from Lord’s Day 24th to Saturday 3oth July, 2011. In this year’s conference we will continue a dramatic departure from previous conferences as we strive to match the Lord’s burden to increase his testimony in Europe. Two conferences will  run simultaneously within the village of Małe Ciche. These two conferences will be based upon the ages of the young people, with an older and a younger conference. This will allow shepherding according to the capacities of each age group. This change will require an increase in saints willing to serve in many areas such as shepherding, translation and practical service.

Young People – Attendance Age
The conference is for young people currently in school years 8 to 13 (ages 13-19).

Shepherding Serving Ones
There is a need for shepherds to care for the young people. Any brother or sister 23 years old or older who has a burden to help, should contact their country coordinator. Please also fill in the worker’s application form found below, or available through your coordinator. Some experience of serving with young people is preferred but not necesssary. There needs to be one serving one to serve as a shepherd for every three young people.

Young people aged 20 to 22 who wish to help strengthen and support the conference, either serving with the young people or in a practical way. These applications are not automatic, but will be considered according to the need. Your coordinator will let you know if you have been accepted. If you would like to come as a helper, please fill in the worker/helper’s application form and apply through your coordinator.

Registration Deadline
The registration deadline is 15th May 2011. Late registrations will be placed on a waiting list and notified if space becomes available. (Please note: for registration from the UK and Republic of Ireland please see

The cost of the conference is 130€, (£110, $180). Transport costs from Krakow to the village are estimated as follows: €15 (£12, $20). These rates may change slightly if currencies begin to fluctuate prior to the camp. It is requested that each country coordinate flights into and out of Poland through Krakow as much as possible. This will greatly ease the labour required by the saints living in Warsaw.

Arrival and Departure Times
Please plan to arrive in Krakow no later than 14:00 on Lord’s Day 24 July and to schedule your departure from Krakow no earlier than 17:00 on Saturday 30 July. Anyone arriving at Krakow after 14:00 may need to make their own arrangements to get from the airport to Male Ciche. Similarly, for flights leaving from Krakow before 17:00, private arrangements may need to be made to get to the airport.

Practical Service
There is also a great need for brothers and sisters to serve as workers in the many activities which are carried on during the course of the camp. No prior experience of serving with young people is required. The ability to coordinate with others is needed. Please fill in the worker’s application form and contact your coordinator.

It is our desire that the Lord would have a way to reach each young person attending this camp, that each young person’s love for the Lord would grow and that they would consecrate themselves in a deeper and more thorough way in this camp. This requires the prayers of all the churches. We therefore ask each of the churches to stand with us in prayer as we prepare for this camp and during the camp that the Word of the Lord would be prevailing.

What to Bring with You

  • Passport
    Please check the specific entry requirements into Poland for your country. Citizens of some countries may require a visa. If you do need a visa, please let you coordinator know in plenty of time. It can take some time for visas to be issued.
  • EHIC (European Health Insurance Card)
    This applies to residents of European Union and European Economic Area countries only.
  • Bible and hymnal – bring to every meeting (no PDA’s)
  • Any other health insurance documents

Bring enough clothing for one week, since you will not be able to do laundry. Also bring clothing and footwear suitable for outdoor activities and be prepared for wet weather. You will need:

  • Clothes for the meetings: skirts and blouses/tops for the sisters, and smart (dress) trousers and shirts for the brothers, and leather shoes or similar
  • Clothes for the activities, including: a warm top, and trousers and shoes for sports
  • A lightweight waterproof jacket and/or an umbrella for the rain
  • A hat or cap for the sun
  • Flip-flops for the shower

Clothing should have no improper pictures, logos or symbols. No revealing tops or tops that expose the midriff or back. No “low riser” jeans or trousers cut low on the hip (see rules below).
Good footwear is essential for the hiking activities. To avoid blisters, footwear should be comfortable, well fitting with good ankle support and well broken in; proper hiking boots (not climbing boots) are preferable.
All bedding will be provided by the house where you will stay.

Toiletries and Personal Items:

  • Soap, towel and deodorant
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Hairbrush or comb
  • Sunblock
  • Torch (flashlight)
  • Pens and notepad (for note taking)

Medication (where appropriate):

  • Aspirin/ paracetamol
  • Asthma inhaler
  • Allergy medicine
  • Any other prescribed medication

No electronic items are allowed at the camp  including mobile phones, camera phones, disc-players, MP3 players, iPODS, electronic games, radios, TVs, etc. (see rules below). You can bring a purpose-made alarm clock if you need one. Those who require tranlsation in the meetings may also bring a small FM radio. Since PDA’s and iPads are not allowed, you will need to bring your Bible and hymnal. You may bring a camera to take pictures, provided it is solely for that use; camera-phones, etc. are not allowed.

Pocket Money
To be coordinated by each country. Please ask your country coordinator.

Medical Insurance and EHIC
We strongly recommend that everyone take out their own travel insurance before leaving for Poland. Details of insurance must be included on the registration form.
Please also apply for and bring your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with you (EU and EEA countries only). This card entitles residents of these countries to reduced-rate or free medical care while visiting another member country (replaces the former E111). It is free to apply for. For more information please see:

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Phone Call Procedure and Emergency Numbers
The emergency contact numbers for parents and guardians will be:

Warsaw LSM Office Phone :                   (+48) 60-724-2505
Warsaw LSM Mobile Phone :                 (+48) 66-571-2716
Poland Camp Local Phone (House 45): (+48) 18-208-4144

Please note that it may take several hours to receive a reply.
Only emergency messages can be taken.


The European Young People’s conference is a unique privilege to blend with young people from all over the earth and pursue the Lord together for His interest. To provide the best atmosphere for achieving this goal it is necessary for us all to observe the following regulations.

  1. Clothing worn during the conference should be proper and modest. No improper pictures, logos or symbols. No revealing tops or tops that expose the midriff or back. No “low riser” jeans or trousers cut low on the hip. For the meetings we suggest sisters wear skirts and brothers wear trousers and clean shirts. Shorts may not be worn in the meetings.
  2. Do not bring electronic items to the conference (mobile phones, camera phones, disc-players, MP3 players, iPods, electronic games, radios, TVs, etc). N.B. No PDAs are allowed, so bring your Bible and hymnal. No camera phones are allowed so bring your camera, if you want to take photos.
  3. A proper Brother/Sister relationship should be maintained during the entire conference. Brothers should not be in the areas of the sisters’ houses and sisters should not be in the areas of the brothers’ houses.
  4. Do not leave the Conference area without permission.
  5. No criticism, complaining or bad language.
  6. Everyone must follow the Conference Schedule.
    1. Be in your seat 5 minutes before the meeting starts – begin to open and exercise your spirit (sing, pray, pray-read, etc)
    2. Once the meeting begins, no one is allowed to leave until dismissed – i.e. no visits to the toilet during the meeting (remember to go beforehand!)
    3. Bring Bible, hymnal, notebook, pen, and outline to every session – take notes!
    4. Food and drink (except water) are not permitted in the meeting or during room times.
  7. Attendance of all sessions (including morning revival and room times) is mandatory. Everyone will be encouraged to participate during room times.
  8. You must return promptly to your rooms after the evening meeting.
  9. Lights out at scheduled time! That means everyone should be quiet, with no one leaving his or her room except for emergencies.
  10. Take care of your house and respect the house staff – if you have a problem, tell your serving one. Do not drop litter – pick up any you see on the ground. No shouting or excessive noise outdoors early in the morning or after the evening meeting in order not to disturb the neighbours.

The serving ones are responsible for the young people both during the journey and at the conference. You must obey them and maintain a respectful attitude to them at all times. Disobedience, rebelliousness or rudeness to serving ones will NOT be tolerated.

We reserve the right to discipline anyone who does not obey the rules. In serious cases this may include sending that young person home. We expect any extra costs incurred by this action to be met by that person.

Tatra National Park Rules

    • Walk only on marked footpaths.
    • Do not pick flowers, fruit, or mushrooms.
    • Do not disturb the wildlife.
    • Do not throw litter or start fires.
    • Do not throw stones or roll stones down the mountains.
    • Do not shout or make excessive noise.

Registration Procedure

You cannot register directly through this website. Registration for the conference takes place through a coordinator in each participating country, whom you should send your registration form to, and who will collect your payment and make travel and other arrangements. The coordinators’ contact information is available here. You can also contact them with questions regarding the camp.

To register for the European Young People’s Conference 2011, contact your country coordinator and follow the local registration procedure specified by him or her. Secondly, complete and return the paper Registration Form to your coordinator, including the:

  • Young Person’s Agreement and Parent/Guardian’s Consent Form, or
  • Serving One’s Agreement
  • emergency contact information and medical questionnaire to your regional coordinator by 15th May 2011.
    Please make sure you fill in all relevant sections and sign the forms. Forms are also available from your coordinator.  The deadline for all applications is 15th MAY 2011. Do not wait and bring the forms with you! (For UK and Ireland registrations, please visit

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